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Bigtooth Klack


It’s all about the sound! Monster Muskies relate to sound – and the Open Water KLACK™ produces a unique KLACK™ and squeal that those giant Muskies can’t resist. The KLACK™ shreds the water and triggers Muskies to bite and the hooking percentage is unmatched. Fish fast, hard, and cover more water then the next angler with this ultimate search tool. The KLACK™ is made with heavy-duty components and is prepared to be the front gunner in any battle.

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  • Oversized, Magnum KLACK™ Blade
  • Heavy-duty wire and components
  • Living Rubber Skirt
  • Razor Sharp Mustad Hook
  • Life-like Mogambo Tail
  • 2-ounce weight for long casts
  • Colors available: Night Fury, Wooley Bear, Halo, Slump Buster, Bright Night