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Bigtooth Straight-Wire Spinnerbait


The Bigtooth Tackle Straight-Wire™ Mini Spinnerbait brings a new design to the world of large spinnerbaits. With the unique design the “Straight-Wire” keeps and supports the second hook to stay inline. Fish with big jaws and giant teeth don’t stand a chance with the super high hooking percentage. The “Straight-Wire” is armed with two giant 9/0 single hooks but remains weedless with the inline stationary design. The weedless body design first cut through thick cover, coupled with the short arm, the Straight-Wire fishes clean which means more efficiency for the angler casting. Hand picked quality skirt along with a giant soft-plastic tail makes the bait come to life. With attention to detail and topping off the features the “Straight-Wire” is built with the best willow blade on the market, quality swivel, and shrink tube around the wire wrap to eliminate the blade from fouling and insures maximum rotation.

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  • Ball-bearing Swivel
  • High-quality Star-flash Skirts
  • Weedless head design
  • Razor Sharp Hooks
  • Weighs 2.25 oz.
  • quality swivel and shrink tubed wire wrap eliminate blade fouling
  • Colors available: Green Lantern, White Lightning, Torch, Slump Buster, Bright Night