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JT JTX-MAG Med-Light


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Length: 6’-10” or 7’-1”
Power: Mag. Medium/light
Action: Fast
Guides: Recoil and 316SS DuraLite
Line weight: 6-10 lb
Handle: SeaGuide Alien reel seat handle
Blank: Proprietary Toray carbon fibers spun with zonal technology

The JTX-MAG Med-Lt comes in two lengths, 6′ 10″ and 7′ 1″

RECOIL guides are made from a special nickel titanium alloy with unique physical properties which means no ceramic inserts are necessary. RECOIL guides are made from an extremely hard but flexible “Shape Memory” alloy, which does not require plating, cannot corrode in any environment, and returns to its original shape after repeated deformations.

Our rods are made of a combination of domestic and foreign sourced components.