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Nanook XL Thermal – Ice Team Edition


The Nanook XL Thermal is a portable, flip-over fish house that allows two anglers to fish comfortably side-by-side, or it also works excellent as a one-person shelter. This lightweight shelter cuts through snow and glides effortlessly across the ice to set you on top of the perfect spot. This model has been one of Clam’s most popular shelters throughout the years. Now available as a special Ice Team edition that includes a light bar, battery bracket, and a travel cover so anglers will already have a start to tricking out their Nanook shelter.

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  • Tough 900 denier fabric
  • 90 grams of insulation per square meter
  • Cutting edge Side Symmetry Door System
  • Fish house for two anglers
  • Style of tub that increases overall storage but not size
  • Pole system for a larger shelter – 8” taller and 5” deeper fishing area
  • Base 20% more capacity
  • Fishing area 15% larger
  • Tub and poles made in USA

Accessories included:

  • Light Bar
  • Battery Bracket
  • Travel Cover


  • Set up size: L 92” x W 61” x H 69”
  • Center height: 69”
  • Pack size with seats: L 61” x W 35” x H 22”
  • Weight: 76 pounds
  • Fishing Area: L 56” x W 59”
  • Fishable Square Footage: 23 square feet
  • Seat: Deluxe