Thanks to all the anglers and support our store has doubled in inventory!


DEC 11th Ice Conditions - The ice was 2-4 inches yesterday but with the rain today we are not recommending any travel. Dec 12th will be cold and things will harden up nice. If you want to go please make sure to have the proper tools to keep you safe. Spud bar, rope, friend, flotation device, and spikes.  


Hot Buys - Great Inventory!

Welcome to Clear Lake Bait & Tackle. We are located at 524 HWY 18 E in Clear Lake, IA. Our shop is built by fishermen for fishermen. Chris and I have been tournament fishing Clear Lake for many years, and we are also the most accomplished fishing guides on the lake. At our shop you will find some of the hottest fishing reports around, hottest fishing gear, and we will do our best to get you on the best bite. Clear Lake Bait & Tackle also has a great selection of fresh, live bait. We stock minnows, chubs, night crawlers, wax worms, spikes, and leeches. The size and availability may vary depending on the season. We also stock everything from fish houses to ice jigs. 

Live Bait