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Frabill Aqua-Life 50-Gallon Dual Output 12V Aerator



Frabill’s Aqua-Life® aerator systems have been specifically designed and tested to keep baitfish healthy and active. This portable aerator converts up to a 50-gallon cooler or livewell into an oxygen-rich aquarium. Operation is whisper quiet – so quiet you’ll barely know it’s on. The system also uses a specialized micro-bubble oxygen diffuser to produce a tiny cloud of bubbles that won’t disrupt or damage delicate baitfish.

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Dual pumps aerate 1 or 2 livewells (up to 50 gallons)
Steel clip for flexible mounting
Produces almost 100% saturation of dissolved oxygen
Rubber non-marking feet
6-foot power cord with copper battery clips
10-foot flexible air hose
Dual 2-inch air stones
Two anti-siphon valves
UL approved
Connects to 12 volt battery