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Slicked out and loaded with drip, the new Trick Shop special edition is freshly minted for those in the know. Snag your limited run masterpiece while supplies last. Every year we get calls in January asking if we have any more for sale. We won’t. This year’s model features a unique two piece special anodized spool design housed in our ultra-lightweight Carbon Chassis. Get one while you can.

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Key Features

  • Unique 2023 Trick Shop Spool and Star Drag
  • Unique 2023 Trick Shop Handle Design
  • FreeFall Performance Window
  • FreeFall Trigger – Instant Hookup System
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Frame
  • Magnetic Drop Speed Adjustment
  • Instant Stop Anti-Reverse
  • 4 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
  • Carbon Drag System
  • 2.5:1 Gear Ratio
Hand Selection

Right, Left